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With the tragic increase in mass shootings and active shooter situations in public spaces in recent years, the IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit has become a life-saving necessity for classrooms and other large gathering spaces across the country. School districts, commercial properties, and retail and entertainment venues have begun to see the value in keeping life-saving first aid tools on hand. Learn more about how to use the tools in the IFAK kit and why IFAKs are in high demand.

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The basics

The Individual First Aid Kit originated in the military when small kits were issued to members that were designed to treat minor injuries or common diseases. Today, an “IFAK” kit is composed of components used to treat more severe trauma wounds, such as bullet wounds, exsanguination (bleeding out), or difficulty breathing. It is carried on the body and designed to care for traumatic injury to one person.

Types of IFAKs

There are several different kinds of IFAKs. The Civilian Responder IFAK and the Tactical IFAK are the most common.

Civilian Responder Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

The civilian responder kit contains accessible, common first aid supplies that could assist people in everyday life. It is typically small enough to carry on your person easily without being cumbersome. Some common items in a civilian IFAK include:

Tactical Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK)

“Tactical” gear refers to gear that is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and a tactical IFAK is a collection of military-grade lifesaving equipment. An environment where you could encounter direct threats such as gunfire, knives, or riots is sometimes referred to as the “tactical environment.”

While there is no real standardization for tactical IFAKs, the kit usually contains more serious blood hemorrhaging equipment and airway aids. Civilians who are seeking protection from potential active shooter situations should seek a tactical IFAK.

Common items in a tactical IFAK include:

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Why carry an IFAK?

When a life-threatening accident occurs, odds are that the first person who will arrive on the scene is a civilian. Your preparedness to respond to an emergency, especially an injury that causes a major bleed-out, could be essential. Bleeding is the most common preventable cause of death in the US.

Particularly for those who hike or backpack in remote areas, hunt or shoot for sport, or work with heavy machinery, having an IFAK on-hand can save lives.

Additionally, as the number of active shooter situations in public places has increased in recent years, school districts nationwide are supplying teachers with IFAK kits to protect themselves and their students.

Stay safe with the MediDent Supplies Emergency Trauma IFAK

The MediDent Supplies Emergency Trauma First Aid Kit (IFAK) is a compact, multi-use individual first aid kit that contains all the essential tools to deliver immediate emergency medical care in the case of an active trauma situation. All components of the MediDent Supplies Emergency Trauma First Aid Kit (IFAK) can be purchased separately on their own or as supplemental to the full IFAK.

Don’t wait until another attack happens to address these crucial needs! If your community experiences an active trauma situation, having individual first aid kits (IFAKs) on hand can save lives, just like it would on the battlefield. Be prepared and ensure your organization has the right equipment on hand for emergencies.

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