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Narrow Implant Broken Screw Removal Kit – Dentist’s Favorite

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This new kit was specifically manufactured to help remove broken screws from narrow implants from Straumann BL, Nobel Active, Astra Narrow, and Implant Direct Legacy implants. It is based on the same counter-torque and reverse screw principles as our Broken Screw Removal Kit for regular implants.

Kit includes:

  • 5 Guides for different implant systems (see list of systems below)
  • 2 Drills Single Use Item
  • 2 Taps Single Use Item
  • 1 Guide Handle
  • 1 Remover Wrench
  • 1 Adaptor.

Guides compatible with:

  • Straumann Bone Level RC & NC
  • Nobel Active 3.0 platform
  • Astra Narrow 3.0
  • Implant Direct legacy 3.0/3.2

Fractured Screw Removal Kit Components

  • Reverse Threaded Screw Removal Tool
    The kit utilizes specialized screw removal drills to prepare a channel in the long axis of the screw. Then a self-tapping, reverse threaded screw removal tool is inserted and turned slowly to provide an engaging instrument which grabs hold of the fractured screw and unscrews it.
  • Certain Guides: Protect Implant Body and Position Drill in Center
    The system also includes a series of certain guides which protect the internal aspect of the implant body from the damaging effects of drills touching the threaded internal surface. The guide abutment system also allows the initial drill and the reverse tip to be positioned in the center of the broken screw.
  • Simple Procedure:
    • Pick certain guide for abutment.
    • Attach guide and hold it with holder
    • Use screw remover drill to take hold of the core of the broken screw in a reverse manner (1200 rpm)
    • Use tap to remove the broken screw in a reverse manner (30 rpm)

Replacement Parts

Narrow Screw Removal Drill Replacement – for NGRK-01
Narrow Screw Removal Tap Replacement – for NGRK-01


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