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Some dental professionals swear by manual scaling for the removal of plaque and tartar. However, ultrasonic power scalers can offer exceptional benefits. Both methods can achieve fantastic results. Let’s take a closer look at ultrasonic scalers and how they can improve cleanings.

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Scaling basics

Scaling is an integral part of the teeth cleaning process. It involves scraping the teeth with a handheld scaling device (manual or ultrasonic) to remove built up plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. If the teeth are not regularly professionally scaled, this buildup can lead to serious complications like gingivitis, periodontitis, recessed gums, or even bone loss.

Manual vs. powered scalers

Traditional handheld manual scalers look like small picks, used to scrape away buildup by hand. Ultrasonic scalers use ultrasonic vibration technology to crush and remove calculus. When the vibrations are set to the correct speed, the plaque and tartar fall off the teeth quickly and efficiently. While many dentists and dental hygienists have a preference for one or the other, it’s worth reviewing the pros and cons of each.

Manual scalers

While powered scalers are the newer, more high-tech method, manual scaling is still preferred by some professionals. Having a small, handheld tool allows the user to easily achieve more scaling angles than the slightly larger, longer powered tools. This can be efficient for removing hard-to-reach teeth, but can be more time-consuming.

Additionally, for composite or porcelain tooth restorations, manual scalers are preferable as they can be gentler and pose less risk for damaging the restored teeth, and can more easily reach the remaining natural teeth for cleaning.

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Ultrasonic scalers

Research has proven that ultrasonic scaling instruments can improve cleanings. While they are equally effective at calculus removal in shallow gum pockets, powered scalers are more effective in pockets deeper than 4mm. In addition to the high vibrational energy that crushes plaque buildup, ultrasonic scalers create shockwaves that kill bacteria.

Ultrasonic scalers come with irrigation sprays that provide flushing of the area, which can also improve healing by removing bacteria. They also provide a logistical advantage, requiring less time than manual instruments for the same job.

Many periodontal experts agree that the best results can be achieved with a dual approach. Combining the use of ultrasonic scalers and manual scalers allows for more personalized care, resulting in improved surgical outcomes, increased patient comfort, and reduced physical demands on dental professionals.

Types of models

There are two main kinds of ultrasonic scalers:

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Here are some of our top-selling ultrasonic scalers.

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The Vector Lil’ Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler features convenient front-mounted water control and digital power adjustment with an LED-lit power display panel. Accepts both 25K (long) and 30K (short) ultrasonic inserts – no adapter or switch needed, this unit automatically adjusts to accommodate any style, brand or frequency of tipsfrom all major manufacturers.

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The P9L Ultrasonic Scaler (PiezoArt P9) is compact, and features a simple, reliable, and accurate power regulator, making procedures predictable and seamless. The unit boasts procedure automatic detection, which prevents starting endo procedure at scaling area and vice versa. It includes a detachable, autoclavable, ergonomic, aluminum alloy hand piece that will not crack.

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This dual-bottle system with selector switch is ideally suited for either water or medicament solution delivery during treatment. The on-board water pump does not require an external water supply or compressed air connection. Easy-flip-off-top lids make refilling the bottles quick and easy.

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The Marquee (ART-M3II) is a stand-alone magnet ultrasonic scaler that features 3 modes of operation: Scaling, perio, and endo. The Marquee provides precise control and ease of use as it locks-in the frequency of installed tips for optimal performance.

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