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With a global pandemic happening, more and more people are looking for personal protective equipment to help keep themselves safe. Which is why we have seen a spike in the popularity of masks. It is now vital that normal people understand the difference between regular medical face masks and respirators, so you can choose the one that has the coverage you need to keep yourself safe.

Medical Face Masks!

Medical face masks are a great way to protect yourself from any bacteria or viruses that may attach themselves to bodily fluids and enter your body. They also help prevent you from touching your mouth and nose with your hands that may be infested.

Respirator Masks!

Respirator masks are made fit tightly on the face. The material is a bit denser, because they are designed to keep out smaller particles than regular face masks. Respirator masks are designed for use by medical professionals, industrial professionals, and in highly polluted environments.

So respirator masks will protect you from viruses, they were not specifically designed for that.

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Respirators vs. Medical face masks!

Respirator masks may provide more protection, but because they are so fitted and made with denser materials, they may be hard to breathe in. They should not be worn in a situation where a medical face mask can work. Medical face masks are great for short term exposure and protecting other people from your own coughs or sneezes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing which masks to wear in any given situation is extremely important to your health. Both medical face masks and respirators can protect you from the virus. But there are differences. If you are a medical professional, work in an industrial setting, or are in a highly polluted area possibly around forrest fires, the respirators are the mask you want. For normal everyday wear a medical face mask will work just in protecting you and not make you feel like you can’t breathe.