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Stain Master Kit - Prophy Handpiece
Stain Master Kit - Prophy Handpiece

Stain Master Kit - Prophy Handpiece

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 The Vector STAINMASTER portable air polisher is effective and easy to use. A slurry of air, powder, and water mix at the tip to safely and effectively remove stain and bio-film from the tooth surface.


Simply connect the handpiece to any standard 4 hole tubing, fill the powder chamber with your choice of prophy powder and away you go! You can adjust the amount of water and force of air by adjusting the handpiece water flow and handpiece air-pressure adjustments on your dental unit.


The tip is removable for autoclaving between patients. Do not autoclave the handpiece body. Make sure to remove powder and flush the tip and body by purging with air every evening so that powder is not left in the unit overnight.


Handpiece, 3 Tips, Replacement o-ring 1 each,
Replacement Powder Bowl Lens (2), Lemon Flavor Powder


Vector # PB500

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