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Highspeed Packages -- Optic Conversion Package

Highspeed Packages -- Optic Conversion Package

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Mix and match head size (torque or standard) and / or spray pattern (triple spray or single), choose F-Series or V-Series, all at prices 25% to 35% off retail.
The easiest and most cost effective way to convert your existing office or equip your new office with Vector!

We take the guess-work out of converting your practice to Vector.  Oh-yeah and we save you a bunch when buying the package sets! 

We give you two cans of spray with every package purchase.  Its important to get your office started on the right foot!  Poor lubrication technique and poor lubricant is still the main reason for turbine failure. 

6 Pack Optic Package with Couplers Includes:
• 6 optic highspeeds (Vx or F Series)
• 2 swivel couplers (your choice optic)
• 2 cans VL-S Lubricant
Backed by our 100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money Back Guarantee SKU: VECTOR-PKG-02