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Glove, Nitrile, Restore, Touch, Oatmeal, Large
Glove, Nitrile, Restore, Touch, Oatmeal, Large

Glove, Nitrile, Restore, Touch, Oatmeal, Large

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● Restore gloves with maxOat+ colloidal oatmeal can help hydrate and soothe the skin
● This innovative glove is meant to provide extra care for hardworking hands and adds a new level of protection for your staff
● The National Eczema Association has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to Restore gloves
● Meets the standard ASTM D6978-05 for providing protection against select chemotherapy drugs**Tested chemotherapy drugs available upon request. Do not use with Carmustine and Thiotepa.




Stan - Great Gloves To Protect Hands While Healing

August 10, 2018

I tend to abuse my hands, working on cars, the house and handling oils, paints and solvents. As a result, I have chronic eczema. I had started making sure I use gloves when I work with nasty stuff but I felt that even the nitrile gloves were irritating my hands. At the dermatologist office, I noticed that they had gloves with colloidal oatmeal. I decided to look them up.

These gloves are great. Since they don't irritate my eczema and they are strong enough to withstand most tasks. For heavier duty tasks, I slip a thicker grade glove over these. Since the colloidal oatmeal glove is next to my skin, there is no irritation. I will def buy these again and would buy a case if available.
September 13, 2018
You can’t buy talc lined gloves any more because of cancer risk. Saw them using this at my local hospital. Bought it on Amazon. It’s perfect. Wierd thing: you can buy 1 or 10x1, and it comes in 2 days, but if you buy a ten pack, which 10 single boxes, it takes two months. God knows why.
Amy Etkind - They fit, they work
February 27, 2018
Hubby has eczema on his hands and needs gloves with colloidal oatmeal to keep his hands from breaking out and becoming painful. I was running to the pharmacy several times a month for boxes of 50 gloves for $12. For $4 more, I got five times as many gloves. Plus they fit better. The only downside was that it seemed to take a long time to ship.   
lindsay w.
September 17, 2018
Great gloves!