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Fiberoptic Systems -- Vari-Volt Power Transformer Only

Fiberoptic Systems -- Vari-Volt Power Transformer Only

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Variable Voltage!
  • While any 6 pin coupler will fit any 6 pin fiberoptic tubing each manufacturer uses a slightly different voltage (KaVo and Vector, Star Dental, NSK, etc. are all different).
  • Voltage range from 2.5 volt to 3.5 volt provides for the full range of functionality and adaptability.
  • The Vector Vari-Volt system has an adjustable time delay that keeps the light on after letting up on the foot pedal.
  • This featrue allows the user to explore the oral cavity without the danger of an active bur.

The Separate signal air and electrical connections provide for functionality for up to two fiberoptic tubings off one lamp control.

  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Each # VFOS-PC
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