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Vector F-Series F7 Highspeed Handpieces for KaVo Multiflex - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Vector F-Series F7 Highspeed Handpieces for KaVo Multiflex - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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Connects directly to KaVo MultiflexTM Swivel couplers with no extra parts needed!


Access head, 3-port water spray, push button auto-chuck bur release, available in optic and non-optic versions


Whether you are looking to replace your Midwest Quiet-Air or Tradition highspeeds or older KaVo models like the 640B or the 642B, the Vector F-series is a great choice!
Traditional styling, grip and feel make for a seamless and easy transition to the F-Series.

In 2001 Vector introduced the F5 highspeed handpiece. While there have been improvements and upgrades along the way, we are still offering this handpiece under $400.00 - the same price range it was over 10 years ago.
If you are looking for a great handpiece with the perfect combination of power, torque, ultra-smooth-concentric performance and long lasting durability, with a traditional feel....... Look no further than the Vector F-Series highspeeds.

Connects directly to your existing KaVo Multiflex‚ĄĘ swivel couplers. ¬†

Fiberoptic (with light) or Non-Optic (without light) are both available with a swivel connector for quick and easy removal for sterilization between patients.

Reduce tubing drag and increase office efficiency - a must for every busy dental office!

This is a great upgrade for dentists dissatisfied with the¬†performance and durability of their Midwest Tradition‚ĄĘ and Quiet-air bur tool and lever highspeeds.
Dentists using a canister highspeed like the Schein Master, Athena/Champion or Alpha-Air highspeeds, will notice increased durability and improved cutting efficiency as well as reduced noise and vibration.
  • Access head
  • 3-port water spray
  • push button auto chuck bur release.¬†
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Optic # F7-SLK
  • Non-Optic # F7-SK
  • SKU:¬†vector-f7-slk
  • SKU:¬†vector-f7-sk
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