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Titan Elite Ceiling Mount



Space-Saving, Pivoting Titan Elite Ceiling Mount

PLEASE NOTE – All ICW mounts are built to order! Orders ship 3-4 weeks after they are placed.

The Titan Elite Ceiling Mount allows a monitor to be securely mounted from the ceiling, pulled down when needed, then stowed up and out of the way when not in use. Our IOS overdenture abutment and parts are 100% compatible with zest locator system. You can use their tool and parts on our IOS system.

  • Effortless movement and positioning.
  • Industry-leading range of motion of the arm and monitor.
  • Precise positioning with 360° of rotation of the monitor.
  • Multiple pivot points enable vertical and horizontal adjustments.
Finish: Powder coated gloss white*
Load capacity: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
Lift distance: 21″ (53.3 cm)
Maximum horizontal reach: 42” (106.7 cm)
Mounting surface: Ceiling
Arm swivel at mount: 360°
Arm swivel at 1st and 2nd joints: 360°
Screen Swivel: 360°
Screen tilt: 50°
VESA interface: 75mm and 100mm

* Available in 5 standards and 9 custom colors.

Monitor Mount for Healthcare and Dental

The Titan Elite Ceiling Mount Arm is an excellent choice for healthcare and dental settings where wall space is at a premium. The arm’s 360° swivel joints provide effortless movement, adjust quickly and easily to optimum viewing angles, and enable caregivers to focus on the patient. The monitor tilts, swivels and rotates, reducing screen glare, and easing neck, back and eye strain. The Titan Elite is also available as a wall mount for a monitor and keyboard and can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Engineered for Reliability
The Titan Elite arm is counter-balanced, making it effortless to move in any direction. Adjustable rotation stops protect the equipment and facility from damage. Internal cable management creates a neater appearance, protects wires and simplifies cleaning. Machined from strong billet aluminum, the unit is powder coated for a durable, lasting finish. ICW computer mounts are designed, engineered, manufactured and hand-assembled with complete attention to detail. The Titan Elite arm will provide years of dependable service.

Ideal for Operatories

  • Monitor is suspended from the ceiling, freeing up precious wall space.
  • With the Titan Elite Ceiling Mount arm, a monitor can be positioned exactly where needed, then stowed up and out of the way when not in use.
  • The under-monitor handle provides a firm hand-hold and protects the LCD.
  • This mounting arm lifts vertically, extends horizontally and rotates 360° at both the mount and at two joints for complete control of the viewing angle.
  • The Titan Elite Ceiling Mount is gas spring-assisted for ease of movement.
  • Internal cable management protects wires, simplifies cleaning and creates a neater appearance.
  • Durable powder coated finish stands up to the thorough disinfecting required in healthcare and dental environments.

Range of Motion Details

  • The Titan Elite Ceiling Mount supports up to 28 lbs (12.7 kg).
  • ICW’s ball VESA monitor attachment enables 6 way tilt, swivel and rotate for fine-tuning monitor angle.
  • This arm provides up to 21″ (53.3 cm) of vertical lift through a 90° range of motion.
  • The horizontal adjustment range from mount to monitor is 42” (106.7 cm).
  • This mounting arm features ICW’s Quicklink adjustor which provides 90° of tilt at each joint with the push of a button.
  • The Titan Elite Ceiling Mount attaches to the ceiling with a sturdy 8″ x 8″ (20.3 cm X 20.3 cm) ceiling plate.
  • To customize the mounting arm to your ceiling height, extension pipes are available in lengths of 5″ (12.7 cm), 12″ (30.5 cm), 24″ (61 cm), and 36″ (91.4 cm).

Durable Construction

  • The Titan Elite Arm is machined out of billet aluminum for strength and durability.
  • Heavy-duty internal and external components provide years of uninterrupted service.
  • Rotational stops protect computer equipment and the facility from damage.
  • Internal cable management protects wires and simplifies cleaning.
  • The arm is powder coated for a tough, lasting finish that stands up to heavy use and rigorous disinfecting.
  • Available in 5 standard and 9 custom powder-coated finishes to match your décor.
  • Engineered, manufactured and hand assembled in the U.S.A. ensures unsurpassed quality, workmanship and dependability.


HCAHPS regulations will collect information about patient experience of care.

ICWUSA mounts may help improve patient satisfaction.

“Patient satisfaction is strongly influenced by the amount of time nurses remain in the room.”

“ICW computer mounts enable caregivers to remain in patients’ rooms while charting and performing other on-screen tasks.”


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