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Citagenix NeoDerm ADM – Acellular Dermis Membrane



Introducing Neoderm ADM – a remarkable human acellular dermis that embodies the inherent elasticity of natural skin. These grafts, sourced from human tissue, undergo a meticulous decellularization process to eliminate cellular elements while safeguarding the essential biological attributes that foster revascularization and restoration. Neoderm ADM stands as a testament to the innate suppleness of human skin.

Carefully processed to retain the dermis’ extracellular matrix, Neoderm ADM undergoes minimal alteration, removing epidermal and dermal cells. Following freeze-drying and sterilization, these grafts boast a shelf life of 5 years when stored at room temperature.

Neoderm ADM emerges as a versatile solution, poised to replace compromised or insufficient tissue. Its role spans from mending and reinforcing soft tissue imperfections to offering supplementary support. The range includes diverse sizes and thicknesses, while easy shaping can be achieved with scissors or a scalpel.

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10x10x1mm, 20x10x1mm, 40x10x1mm, 40x20x1mm


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