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Citagenix NeoCote Collagen Wound Dressing – 20mm x 40mm x 3mm (5 pack)

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Introducing Citagenix NeoCote Collagen Wound Dressing, an advanced solution for wound care. Crafted from meticulously purified collagen sourced from bovine dermis tissue, Citagenix Resorbable Wound Dressings are ingeniously designed absorbent and porous collagen matrices. These matrices are tailored to varying needs, offering NeoPlug, NeoCote, and NeoTape options.

NeoPlug: Designed cylindrically, it effortlessly conforms to surgical sites.
NeoCote: With a thicker sponge-like configuration, it provides robust protection to delicate soft tissue.
NeoTape: Featuring a slender, tape-like design, it caters to intricate applications.

Key Attributes:

  • Directly shields wounds and delicate new tissue upon application.
  • Facilitates wound healing processes.
  • Available in plug, cote, and tape formats to suit different requirements.
  • Supplied in a sterile, non-pyrogenic form for single-use applications.
  • Naturally resorbs within approximately 30 days post-placement.

Versatile Applications:

  • Addresses denture sores.
  • Effective for non-infected or viral oral ulcers.
  • Appropriate for various periodontal surgical wounds.
  • Suitable for suture sites.
  • Aids in the treatment of burns.
  • Ideal for extraction sites.
  • Beneficial for surgical and traumatic wounds.
  • Elevate your wound care regimen with Citagenix NeoCote Collagen Wound Dressing, a great resorbable option designed to optimize healing and protection.


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