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The CDC has set up guidelines to help people stay protected from COVID-19. They suggest you wear a mask, try to keep six feet between you and others and stay home as much as possible. Many people have opted to even start wearing gloves out in public to try and limit exposure through touch. We have gone over the proper way to wear gloves and the problems that can arise from not wearing them correctly. Are they really able to better protect you? That question has two answers.

Yes! If worn properly.

There was a time when gloves were only worn in certain situations like caring for someone sick, cleaning, or in some work settings. Now it’s become a staple for the general public. Some say that wearing gloves in public won’t help you, which can be correct if not worn in the proper manner. Gloves can help protect the wearer from their skin coming into contact with bacteria and viruses left behind by others. If you are a delivery driver, they can help protect your hands from your customers, which then becomes beneficial to people at home who order items to be delivered. Gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the outside world, so they can help keep your hands clean. In situations where you are not going to have them on for an extended period of time, they work great. Key points to remember is to not touch your face while wearing the gloves, wash your hands before and after wearing gloves, and make sure you change and dispose of your gloves immediately once you are finished.

No! If you think that’s all you need to do!

While wearing gloves is a great barrier between your hands and a shopping cart, or another surface you may touch that has been touched by others. They are not the end all be all for protection. Many think wearing gloves means they don’t have to wash their hands. Many forget to be vigilant because they are wearing them and end up touching their faces and have now managed to put themselves more at risk. If you don’t think you can wear them responsibly, or are a person that will quickly forget to be extra cautious, then you shouldn’t wear them. Not knowing and understanding that something so simple as wearing gloves properly could lead to greater risk.

Final Thoughts!

The CDC is not currently requiring the general public to wear gloves. The decision to wear or not to wear is up to you! Please use proper measures to ensure that they are worn responsibly and never use them in place of hand washing or sanitizing. If you are in a profession that they are needed frequently, always remember to discard after every use.