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MediDent Guide to Dental Chairs

For treatment to go smoothly, and for the the patients to receive the comfort they need, a quality and relaxing dental chair is needed. This means choosing an dental is not an exercise that should be taken lightly. One needs to be able to research the market and find suitable options. If you are looking for advice on what dental chair to get, you have come to right place. Keep on reading, as we have prepared this handy guide to dental chairs..

What Makes a Good Dental Chair?

When you have properly functioning equipment, that is when you will have a dental practice that is primed for success. The top three things that make for a good dental chair include functionality, comfortability and aesthetics. You need a chair that is ergonomic, which helps you perform your dentist duties effectively without sacrificing the comfortability of patients. Furthermore, you might want to make sure that the chair blends in with the rest of the office decor.


How productive you are and how comfortable your patient is depends largely on how the dental chair is designed. As a dentist, you’d want a chair that makes you job easy to do while you treat patients. For example, the chair needs to enable you keep a good posture when standing while allowing you to be in close proximity with the patient.

As for patients, the chair needs to provide them with adequate cushioning and support despite the patient’s size. Look for chairs that adjust to the patient’s positioning, size and body. To make the patient extra comfortable, you can get some with headsets and other added features, like messagers, armrests and heating units.

Pick a chair that is not too wide while also not being too narrow. A chair that is too wide might restrict access to your patient, and a chair that is too narrow might make the patient uncomfortable. Basically, go with the most ergonomic design for maximum productivity (for you) and comfortability (for patients).


As we having been talking about, making patients comfortable and your job much easier is what every quality dentist chair should be able to do. You proficiency as a dentist should be enhanced by the chair while simultaneously boosting the patient’s comfortability. Any state-of-the-art dental chair will at least contain the following features:

Keep in mind that reliability is also key despite what size, shape and the features the chair has. Whether you have purchased a new or used chair, make sure that the chair has at least 10 years in it to provide you with excellent service. Also, when it comes to picking the best chair, reading dental chair reviews also helps (later we will look at some good dental chairs)


Looks should also be considered when choosing a dental chair. The moment a patient walks into the room for an appointment, they will probably see the dental chair first. The beauty about dental chairs is that, no matter what the decor and design of your office, you can customize them to your liking. So before going shopping, decide on fabrics, colors and finishes.

Keep in mind that due to normal wear and tear from usage and cleaning, the upholstery of the seat will take a beating through the years. Use upholstery kits to give your chairs a fresh new look from time to time – the good thing is that the kits are easily found and are not costly.

Top 3 Dental Chair to Get for Your practice

Speaking of dental chair reviews, it is best to get out there and look for options that are suitable for you practice. There are few other criteria that you can use to choose a dental chair, but the three mentioned above are what you should be present if you are to select the best dental chair for your office. Here are three chairs worth considering for your practice.

1. Flight A6 Patient Chair

This stylish chair has everything that a dentist can look for in a chair. It is ergonomically designed to make sure that the you are able to be highly proficient at your job while your customer enjoys the comfortable seat and cushion design. Furthermore, this chair has a reputation for durability, which makes it perfect for a busy and growing dental office.

With its hydraulic base and electromechanical backrest, doctors can quickly and comfortably get patients into position. Plus, you have 12 colors that allow you to customize the upholstery to find a style that suits your office.

2. Flight A6 Operatory Package

If you are already thinking of getting the Flight A6 Patient Chair, why not just get the entire package. The Flight A6 Operatory Package comes with a wide range of extra features that will allow you to deliver the best dental experience to your customers. It comes with a contoured base plate, which gives you optimum maneuverability and easier reach of the oral cavity. It also comes with a clean water bottle system, Chair Controls for doctors and assistants, Torch LED Light and a one piece rotating cuspidor.

3. Flight A12 Operatory System

This dental chair provides the ultimate experience for both dentist and patient when it comes to ergonomics. It has an ultra thin seat rest and backrest with synchronized movement, making it the perfect chair for you to position your patient and operate on them while they relax. It can reach a maximum height of 35.4 inches and a minimum of 12.6 inches (which is the industry best). Other features include a Flight Torch LED Light, Doctor Side Treatment Tray, Assistant Instrumentation, Doctor Side Touchpad, Assistant Side Touchpad and Optional Scaler connection and holder position.

So there you have it: a guide to dental chairs. A dental chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can get for you office, meaning selecting one is not a task that should be taken lightly. This is the chair that you and your patients will spend most of your time on, and it needs to be comfortable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you have a quick review of three of the best best dental chairs.