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After a few days of overindulgence, you can see a new year of opportunity waiting on the horizon. As a dentist, you want to make a difference and improve how you run your dental practice. Equally, your patients are also harnessing the energy that this time of year brings to set themselves a new list of goals.

It’s easy to get carried away when promising yourself that this will be the year that you watch less TV, read the classics, and exercise more. However, your old self usually catches up with you and your well-intended, but unrealistic goals will probably be a distant memory by Valentine’s day.

So, how can you stop your patients from looking in the wrong places for areas to improve both their health and wellbeing? As a dentist, you could align your goals with your patients by helping them see why their dental health plays a crucial role in their overall wellness. The introduction of a goal-based system and new equipment could ensure that both your patients and your dental practice have something to smile about in 2019.

Educating Your Patients

The role of a dentist is evolving. However, many of your patients won’t know that your help and advice will stretch far beyond telling them to brush their teeth twice a day and saying don’t forget to floss as they leave your surgery. 2019 should be the year that dental professionals promote their significant role in the general healthcare of their patients and help them understand why regular visits are so important for both their health and wellbeing.

2019 could be a year of opportunity for dentists to educate their patients that the care they provide extends beyond the traditional boundaries of dental services. By introducing patients to primary health care activities as part of their routine dental care, dentists will have the ability to manage the oral health of their patients better. But it could also lead to appropriate referrals to other parts of the health care system if and provide an early diagnosis of more serious underlying health concerns.

A recent report highlighted that 8,300 people-a-year are now diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK alone. A 49% increase compared to a decade ago also reveals the importance of seeing your dentist. Educating your patients about new technology and how dentists can help diagnose problems is something that you should prioritize in 2019.

Explain Health Benefits of Seeing a Dentist Twice a Year

Healthy teeth are something that many of your patients will take for granted until they are struck down with unbearable tooth pain. Many will not realize that regular check-ups will not only help them stay one step ahead of cavities, but they can also help detect early signs of other health issues, such as oral cancer and diabetes.

Once they are back in the daily grind after the holidays, it will feel like the weeks, months and year will fly by at breakneck speed. Understand why booking a routine dental appointment is typically something that will fall down their list of priorities. Next week turns into next month, and your patients will receive your 6-month reminder before they know it.

Raising patient awareness around the health benefits of making two appointments for the year and how it’s much more than their smile will help them see the bigger picture.

While everyone is embracing the setting of goals that will have a positive impact on their life, why not run a campaign highlighting why your patients should be booking their appointments now and how it will be one of the easiest goals to tick off their to-do list right now.

Why Your Patients Should Not Put off Restorative Dentistry

The old saying of when you smile, the whole world smiles should be enough motivation for your patients to protect their smile. Many patients are guilty of deferring restorative dental work, such as crowns, implants or fillings. Maybe it’s time to encourage them to actively make plans and ensure they are completed in 2019.

It’s very easy for your patients to unwittingly prioritize material possessions that they want but don’t necessarily need over their oral health. But think about that for a moment. How can you help break this cycle and enable your patients to see that any must-have item should not be deemed as more important than the structure and alignment of their teeth?

Ultimately, you need to try to deliver the message that they are gambling with their oral health and smile without being preachy. It has been proven that neglecting your oral health can cause diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. However, by making a simple phone call to schedule 2 visits to their friendly dentists and investing just a few minutes each day looking after their teeth will ensure that your patients have plenty to smile about in 2019.