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Bone Collector and Guide kit (3 in 1 kit) - BCG-01
Bone Collector and Guide kit (3 in 1 kit) - BCG-01
Bone Collector and Guide kit (3 in 1 kit) - BCG-01
Bone Collector and Guide kit (3 in 1 kit) - BCG-01

Bone Collector and Guide kit (3 in 1 kit) - Dentist's Favorite Osteotomy Kit

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Our best-selling Bone Collector and Guide Kit

3-function kit: Position, Osteotomy, and Harvest/Decorticate

Function 1: Position

This kit provides three sizes of guide pins. These guide pins preserve the restorative space of the final crown by accurately spacing implant osteotomies. First, select the appropriate guide pin. This will be determined by the estimated size of the final crown. Once the pin size is selected, find the corresponding stopper and engage it with the guide drill. The stoppers come in a variety of lengths to prevent over/under drilling. After the pilot hole is created, slide the stopper pin in the osteotomy to preserve the restorative space. Repeat for multiple implant sites.

Function 2: Osteotomy


The osteotomy is created with a variety of Bone Collecting Drills. These drills come in the following diameters: 2.8, 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, 4.8mm. For hard bone chose the diameter which is closest to the diameter of the implant, but not larger. For soft bone, it is possible to use a drill which is the second smaller size. Stoppers slide over the barrel of the drill to prevent over/under drilling as well as accurately distancing the osteotomy from adjacent teeth. 

Function 3: Harvest/Decorticate

During the creation of the osteotomy, bone will be collected within the hollow chamber of the drill. This bone is easily removed and can be used to graft around the implant.  This kit also includes a 1.4mm Decortication Drill which a built in stopper. This drill is used to increase vascularity, and improve the likelihood of surgical success.

This kit can be used with the majority of implant systems and allows clinicians to confidently place dental implants without the worry or complication of implant guide. 

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