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P9L Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

P9L Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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  • 5 scaling tips
  • 1 endo tip
  • 1 LED replacement bulb


P9L Ultrasonic Scaler  Characteristics
Piezo Electric Technology
Endodontic Scaler
Auto-water supply
Built-in power supply
LED aluminum alloy detachable handpiece is optional.
Ergonomic design
With much simple, reliable and accurate power regulator.
Built-in power supply guarantees the safety of the product
Voiceless design
Water supply system without consumable cost saving.
L3 aluminum alloy detachable handpiece with LED
No cracking, more comfortable.
Protective sleeve avoids cable breaking and extends life span.
Obtains national patents
Patented water-proof design
Can be autoclaved under the high temperature and pressure
Small size, space-saving
With two bottles, more convenient for liquid changing
The bottle is with 350ml capacity, convenient for adding liquid during operation.
Available for distilled water, liquid medicine such as sodium hypochlorite etc
Durable water supply system can be irrigated and disinfected.
1.No consumables in water supply system. 
2.With NO CRACKING Aluminum alloy detachable handpiece (LED aluminum handpiece is optional).
3. Built-in power supply with smaller volume is much safer, more convenient than portable one.
4 Independent and wide bottle is easy to be cleaned and added liquid inside. We offer 2pcs bottles.
5. Accessories are more expensive than most of the other auto water supply scalers in the world so as to ensure P9 more stable.

6.  Automatically identifying the function. This means that you can not start the endo function at the scaling area and vice versa.
7. TW3 torque wrench with aluminum alloy material. It keeps invention patent certificate. We use magnet on it, and that can help it to adsorb scaler tips to avoid dropping off to hurt the dentist because of carelessness. Now other factories' wrench has no magnet on it. TW3 can screw the tips for more than 3000 times, while other factories' wrench can screw the tips only about 500 times.

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