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Finding the right balance between comfort and efficiency when choosing new dental chairs is essential for both patients and the dentist. Technology has enabled dental chairs to evolve into entire treatment units, and there are almost limitless options at your disposal.

Whether you are just setting up your dental office or looking to upgrade your current equipment, we explore the most suitable dental chairs and treatment units that are best suited the needed of you and your patients.

The Flight A2E Patient Chair

The A2E patient chair is incredibly attractive to many dentists and is one of the most economical chairs that we sell. But don’t be fooled by the price, this chair provides enhanced reliability and functionality thanks to the high-quality engineering behind it.

The dental chairs reputation for delivering high standards is responsible for it receiving widespread praise by dentists who have labeled it one of the best chairs on the market. Finding equipment that is both economically priced but with high functionality, reliability and quality can be notoriously tricky. But the Flight A2E Patient Chair has an earned its reputation by exceeding expectations of dentists.

Flight A6 Operatory Package

Many dentists feel that A6 Dental chair is comparable to a Bellmont 5505 or Adec Cascade. The most significant difference is that despite being expertly engineered, dentists can get their hands on a durable, reliable and high-quality dental chair at much lower prices and most importantly, without sacrificing quality.

However, there is much more to the Flight A6 than just another patient chair. It can also form a complete ergonomic and modern dental operatory system as part of the A6 Operatory System. The hybrid lift system also combines a robust hydraulic base and a quiet electromechanical back motor to provide a smooth synchronized movement of the chair that will deliver faster patient positioning.

For dentists, the thin backrest and contoured base plate delivers optimal maneuverability and provides easier access to the oral cavity. When purchased as a package it also comes with a one-piece rotating cuspidor, torch LED light, chair controls for doctor and Assistant side and a clean water bottle system.

The A12 Operatory System

At the premium end of the scale, the award-winning A12 Operatory System is seen by many as the perfect chair for any dental operatory. Armed with an ultra-thin backrest and seat rest with synchronized movement the complete operatory system is famous for providing unparalleled ergonomics for both the patient and the dentist.

The radius delivery system provides an exceptional range of motion that enables dentists with much easier access to an oral cavity in any procedure and working position.

Flight Dental Systems have regularly been recognized since 2013 by Dentistry Today and Dental Product Shopper. Flight has also been honored to receive the Top 100 products two years in a row and for a good reason too. In a digital age, it’s also unsurprising to see why Flight’s systems have been featured in the top 50 Technology products dentists in multiple categories.

When choosing new equipment, the aesthetics, functionality, and comfort will be essential factors in any purchasing decision. One of the main reasons we are proud to feature these dental chairs and treatment units is that they are all recognized for their high quality, standards, and reliability by experienced dental practitioners.

For you, a dental chair represents an essential piece of equipment for you to do your job. However, don’t forget that for your patients, the dental chair is the focal point of your office when they nervously enter the room. Your patients instantly form an opinion of the care they are about to receive.

Remember, the patient is the customer. Dentists, hygienists, and assistants should ask the patients if the chair is comfortable. Their perception of your practice will be dependent on a combination of the overall appearance and attention to detail as well as any shiny new features. Get the balance right, and your new chair could even be a marketing advantage.

All of the equipment mentioned in this post are widely respected for putting comfort and efficiency at the top of the agenda. But, your staff will also need to play a big part in ensuring that both you and the patient are happy with every procedure.