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Now that mandated telehealth is no longer in effect and dental practices around the country have resumed business as usual, the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has instituted a number of changes to standard best practices for dental and other healthcare settings, including updates to its Infection Prevention & Control in Dental Settings and Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel. Here’s a look at the key takeaways and resources for compliance with CDC guidance for dental settings in 2022.

Indoor masking in dental practice spaces

Do patients still need to mask for their dental appointments?

No. Indoor masks are no longer mandated for most people, especially in areas that have low community levels of covid-19 (the CDC recommends gauging community levels by number of hospitalizations, hospital capacity, and new cases).

May dental health care professionals stop wearing masks?

Most of the time. In most cases, dental health care professionals who are fully vaccinated can now work unmasked, though they may choose to wear a mask for added safety. They may also hold in-person meetings and share space in break rooms unmasked.

If any unvaccinated people are present, NIOSH-certified respirators or masks should be worn. View the American Dental Association’s full guidelines here.

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Updates to CDC guidance for dental settings in 2022

Patients and covid-19

Healthcare workers and covid-19

Maintaining a safe environment

Remote check-in or virtual pre-screen

Symptom screening remains an important strategy for keeping dental patients and staff safe. If your website is capable, you may install a symptom-screening questionnaire and instructions online for patients to access pre-appointment. If the patient fails to complete the questionnaire on their own, a follow-up screening call to check for symptoms is recommended.

More tips for staying safe in 2022

The CDC’s Guidelines for Dental Settings offers a regularly updated guide to sanitization protocols for dental practices:

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For more information on the ADA’s response to the updated CDC guidelines, visit Thank you for choosing MediDent Supplies for your dental practice’s personal protective equipment needs.