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  • With two powerful models designed specifically for use in 1 and 2 operatory clinics. The BaseVac™ M-VAC Series offers a powerful vacuum and air/water separator all in one small package. 
  • The M-VAC is compact, quiet and so easy to install that you can really put it almost anywhere. The powerful system can be used on any size piping from ½” up to 1 ¼”. The unique two-stage air-water separator also provides the integrated base for the industries quietest pumps.

Sizing Criteria

  • There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when sizing a dental vacuum system. It’s all about how much air your vacuum pump can suck through a system, the size of the hole in the suction tool and how many holes (operators, users) are open.
  • BaseVac engineers then look at how many holes are open at any single moment and how small they get when you start to fill them with air and debris. These are necessary steps to size a dependable long lasting system. Sometimes you need a big high flow system, most often you don’t. Please refer to the chart below:



Air Flow Sizing Chart



BaseVac Advantage

Great for the environment, and great for your budget.

100% Oil Free

  • BaseVac Dental Systems use a technically advanced oil free rotary vane vacuum pump as the powerful heart of the dental vacuum package. The wear components are designed to exceed 8,000 running hours before they need to be replaced. The patented composition of the self lubricating carbon vanes means they will not be affected by the potential moisture in the system. The unique BaseVac carbon vane compound is designed for long lasting and very, very quiet wear. Oil free means environmentally responsible, just the second step in BaseVac dental’s commitment to the environment.

100% Water Free

  • Zero water was the main criteria for BasVac engineers in designing the world’s most compact, quiet, powerful and environmentally smart dental vacuum system. The pump is 100% dry running, using unique self lubricating carbon vanes working at vacuum levels five times the required minimum. Zero water used in the creation of vacuum, zero effect on municipal water demands and no increase in waste water treatment. That’s BaseVac’s first commitment to the environment.


Cost Savings

  • The BaseVac Dry Vac completely eliminates the need for water to create suction. Our oil-less, waterless, the dry suction system can buy itself in water savings, usually within the life of the warranty.


Backed by our 100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money Back Guarantee