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Adapter for E-Type

Adapter for E-Type

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  • Vector Premium Lubricants are priced 30-40% lower than other brands. 

  • Properly lubricating various types and styles of high and low speed handpieces can be a difficult and confusing job for even the most experienced dental technician.
  • Vector has developed a complete range of lubrication adapters that take the “guess work” out of lubrication. These adapters increase office efficiency,
  • extend turbine life by insuring proper lubrication, and reduce the messy over-spray experienced with non-product-specific spray adapters.

  • Standard aerosols produce minimal pressure to expel the lubricant from the can.  Our spray uses ISO Butane as a propellent which produces 3 to 5 times the pressure as standard aerosols increasing the effectiveness of the lube and improves the removal or dirt and derbies from the handpiece.  Imagine cleaning your driveway with a standard garden hose verse using a pressure washer...... which is more effective?
  • Vector Spray Adapters for E-Type Low speeds.
  • Each # VL-AE
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