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How to Find Your Perfect Office Space For Your Dental Practice

Whether you’re opening your first dental practice or exploring your options of expanding to a new office or relocating, choosing the right location for your dental office is crucial. Ensuring that your dental practice is easy for your patients to find is an obvious requirement, but what else should you be looking for when searching for your perfect dental office space?

It’s important to remember that technology and our ever-increasing expectations are transforming every aspect of our lifestyle. Ensuring that your new office is designed for enhanced efficiency fit for a digital age is also becoming increasingly crucial for dentists wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

Many dentists will find the choice between new and refurbished equipment to be an easy decision. But, the location of your business is possibly the most difficult and important decision that you can make.

Location, location, location

The American Dental Association advise that a good competition ratio is one dentist to every 1,500 patients. But this figure only tells half of the story. The demographics of your target audience combined with the services you offer will determine precisely what other dentists in the area are competitors.

As a dentist, meeting patients’ needs in a location will depend on many factors. Predictably, you will probably find that affluent areas of your city are over-saturated with dentists. Alternatively, low-income neighborhoods and often areas with an average income are neglected. The problem is that all dentists will want to set up in an area where dental bills are paid on time and in most cases their patients will all have adeqaute dental insurance.

The reality is that your dental office needs to be in a location where your patients need the services that you intend to provide. If you are offering standard dental services, you will need to think long and hard about avoiding areas with already established dentists serving local communities.

However, if you are offering a more exclusive and specialist dental services then you will need to ensure that your new office is based in a catchment area patients can afford them. The location will depend entirely on the kind of dental practice you want to open and the kind of care you want to provide.

Shopping Centers

One of the easiest ways of solving location and parking issues is to provide your patients with the ultimate convenience. How? By moving dental practice into a local shopping center. More and more dentists are abandoning the traditional office space and exploring new ways to revamp their practice that fits in with the changing habits of their patients.

The growth of online shopping and a greater desire for convenience is well known for creating enormous challenges for retailers. But, these changes are also creating incredible opportunities too for quick thinking dentists.

In the same way that dentists are exploring ways to reduce costs of purchasing dental supplies, traditional retailers are shrinking their footprints to avoid becoming the next Sears or Toys R Us. But, convenience hungry consumers are increasingly turning to single destination centers where busy parents can complete all their errands under one roof.

A growing number of successful dentists are taking advantage of these opportunities and ensuring that their dental practice is in a location where their patients already hang out. By giving them the chance to easily slot in regular dental work while picking up groceries or shopping for clothes, forward-thinking dental practices that are reaping the benefits.

Traditional Dental Office

There is nothing wrong with choosing a more traditional medical building if it better serves the patients in your community. On a positive note, these buildings often create opportunities for recommendations from other doctors in the local area and your specialty could lead to direct referrals if you understand the needs of your patients.

In these circumstances, the location of your dental office and role in the community can become a significant marketing opportunity. However high visibility in the local community usually comes with increased rental rates. You also need to think about how easy it will be for both your patients and delivery drivers bringing your essential dental equipment and supplies.

Again, understanding the demographics of your patients is critical in understanding how easy it will be for them to find you and get to your dental office by foot or vehicle. Your new building must be convenient for you and any regular visitors.

Equally, ask yourself how easy is the building to find at all times of the day and in a variety of weather conditions? You might secure a bargain office out of the way, but if it makes everyone’s life more difficult, any savings from your location or dental supplies will be counterproductive.

These are just a handful of observations to think about when searching for the perfect office space for your dental practice. Always have one eye on the future and think about how you will be able to market and grow your dental practice from your desired location.

Ultimately, the success of your new dental office will be determined by the many factors that create the overall experience of a patients visit. Remember the commnunity that you are serving and you won’t go far wrong.